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High Performance

Gaming Servers

Get fast access to private game servers hosted on dedicated servers, all with fiber uplink for the lowest possible latency.







Flexible Hosting Solutions

Capitol Hosting Solutions can provide a wide variety of hosting options, including shared, semi-dedicated and full-dedicated server hosting. If you're playing with friends, a clan, or a whole squad, we have you covered.

24 Hour Support

We have staff in multiple timezones, which means we can respond to your ticket faster, even at 3am.

No Overselling

We don't oversell your RAM, or limit your player slots.

You get what you pay for.

Custom Servers

If you don't see a game listed, or you want a dedicated server for your clan, Send us a ticket.

We're happy to help.

Powerful Server Management

Our hosting panel puts you in complete control, with the ability to oversee all your game servers in one place, even with different games and locations.
It's also easy to add sub-users without giving them complete control, perfect for servers with a moderation team.

Graphic of our hosting panel showing a Minecraft server booting

Capitol Hosting Solutions is an amazing service. They always available to help with any issues and quick response. Amazing!

- Geoffrey Cameron,
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